Bite U: Know Before You Go 

Bite U is your personal dining companion at your favorite dining locations on campus. We’ve totally redesigned the experience to make it even simpler to find your eatery, personalize your menu views, provide feedback about your dining experiences, and get all the latest news on new upcoming features and promotions.
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Meet Your Dietitian

Our campus dietitian is available for complimentary consultations on topics such as: 

  • Food allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, or other special dietary needs 
  • Eating healthy on campus 
  • Vegan and vegetarian nutrition 
  • Weight management
Contact Teresa Whitaker is you need to be contacted by our dietician.
Food Allergies

Talk to Us about Your Food Allergies and Diet Needs! We take pride in sourcing wholesome ingredients, preparing recipes accurately and providing nutritional analysis and ingredient statements through our online menus and nutrition calculator. We are all passionate about serving students. From general manager to front line servers, we work diligently to address students’ specific needs, especially those with food allergies, Celiac disease, or special diet needs. 

Here are some things we have done to make our environment more allergy conscious: 

  • We have made our cooking process "from scratch" in order to control ingredients in recipes. 
  • We have put ALL staff through gluten free training. 
  • We have made recipe and procurement changes to make recipes which normally contain gluten permanently gluten free. 
  • We meet one-on-one with individuals with special needs diets to inform them and ourselves on the specific needs of their diets. We commit to either adding options, or in many cases, creating a special plate specific to their diet by a certified chef at their request three times daily .
  • We find a team approach led by you, our educated consumer, is the best preparation for a safe school year free of allergic reactions. 

We want to meet one-on-one with all of our customers who have individual dining needs to ensure that your dining experience is safe, delicious, and social. If you have a special diet or food allergy, contact

For Your Health

Mindful offerings meet stringent nutritional criteria based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Each meal part is limited in calories, has fewer than 30% of calories as fat, fewer than 10 % of calories as saturated fat, and is restricted in sodium and cholesterol. Chefs in our test kitchen develop recipes to meet these criteria in delicious fashion. 

Look for the Mindful icon to indulge in the healthy and delicious items offered at each meal. Being well and eating well means becoming aware of choices and making the right decisions to achieve a better today and a better tomorrow. Your Sodexo dining team is committed to offering you a wide range of options for a healthy dining experience. From recipes that include the most nutritious mix of ingredients to offering educational resources for positive lifestyle habits, healthy options are the result of a team dedicated to advancing the well-being of the entire campus community. 

Another important part of our focus on health and wellness is the use of seasonal menus, featuring fresh and healthy ingredients - many of which are grown by local or regional farmers. Every season has its own unique produce that is showcased in delicious signature dishes to highlight the distinct flavors and natural appeal of seasonal items.

Nutritional Icons

For students who have special dietary and nutritional needs we have informational resources and customized menus to address your needs. These menus meet the strictest compliance standards, without sacrificing flavor, texture, or presentation. Sodexo's nutrition icons (see below) make it easy to identify healthy choices or options that meet your dietary needs. Look for these nutrition icons on the foods being served on your campus to help you meet your dietary needs or desires. If you need assistance finding the right types of foods for you, please reach out to your on-campus Sodexo manager or chef. 

GlutenFree-35x35.pngA variety of gluten-free items across campus and can accommodate customers with foods that are free from gluten-containing ingredients and protected against cross-contact with gluten. Gluten-free options are available all over campus, just look for this logo or ask any manager.

Vegetarian-35x35.pngMenu items with the vegetarian icon contain no meat, fish or poultry, or any meat products such as soup base. Our vegetarian offerings meet the needs of lacto-ovo vegetarians and may include eggs and/or dairy products. Look for this logo on menu items at all of out locations or ask any manager.

Vegan-35x35.pngVegan offerings contain no meat, fish, eggs, milk or other animal-derived products such as honey. Look for this logo on menus at all of our locations. Vegan items are available at all of out locations and in the stores or if you don't see it just ask a manager.